Browse Projects

1. All the Year Round, by Samantha Burwell

2. Engraving plate used for Dombey and Son, by Joey Smith

3. Household Words, by T.J. Burke

4. Illustrated London News 1853, by Trina Sablan

5. Illustrated Long 1854, by Rachel McGuire

6. London Labour and the London Poor, by Cayden Hundley

7. Nicholas Nickleby no. XII, by Amelie Rode

8. Oliver Twist 3-decker, by Hannah McGinley

9. Oliver Twist American edition, by Louis Greubel

10. Punch 1851-53, by Nathan Thibon

11. Punch 1889-91, by Mary Miller

12. The Battle of Life, by Rachel Fields

13. The Birth, Life, and Death of Crazy Jane, by Katie White

14. The Keepsake of 1853, by Shannon Piper

15. The Mystery of Marie Roget and Other Tales, by Kyler Douglas

16. The Odds and Ends of the Present Date, 1831, by Merlow Dunham

17. The Yellow Book, by Hank Ideker

18. Villette 3-decker, by Stevana Wilson

19. Venetia, by William Ebanks

20. Video: Hair Jewelry at the Chatillon-DeMenil House, by Dr. Anne Stiles

Cupples House Multimedia Projects:
1. Video: A pair of candelabras (pink and lavender in a plex glass box), by Rachel McGuire

2. Video: Bishop's throne, by Henry Ideker

3. Video: Ceasar of Prima Porta from Rome, by Nathan Thibon

4. Video: “Cornish Breakers” oil painting, by William Ebanks

5. Video: Corot's Untitled Landscape, by Shannon Piper

6. Video: Edison Phonograph, by Kyler Douglas

7. Video: Flip front game table, by Austin Smith

8. Video: Florentine Style Cassapanca (original to house), by Merlow Dunham

9. Video: Ophelia, by Amelie Rode

10. Video: Pair of Candelabras, by Cayden Hundley

11. Video: Partner’s Desk, by Timothy Burke

12. Video: Portrait of James Clemens M.D. of Wheeling, VA , by Samantha Burwell

13. Video: Style of Tiffany & Co, by Kathryn White

14. Video: Table hand carved with carved dragon heads, by Rachel Fields

15. Video: Tea in the Garden, by Hannah Mcginley